Gadsly SPM centralizes all of your social media accounts into a single interface with scheduling, automation, analytics, and multi-level user management.

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Connect your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,
YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile

Gadsly SPM consolidates your whole team's social publishing, reporting, and engagement operations into one dashboard to save time and effort. With different team members having different capabilities and limitations, you can collaborate on content, schedule posts, and respond to messages all in a single app.

Multi-level Account Access for Your Entire Team

Everyone having access to everything can lead to a bunch of problems. Avoid them by granting different levels of access to each member of your team. Furthermore, this creates a unified content pipeline in which some members develop material while others review and schedule it.

Improve Collaboration

No longer do you have to create a bunch of documents with draft content, then share those files around, wait for comments, and decide which team member is going to be the one to post. With Gadsly SPM, you collaborate within the same platform that you will use to schedule and publish posts - all while maintaining a hierarchy of permissions.

Reduce Confusion

When multiple team members are sharing business social media accounts, it's easy to lose track of who has responded to what. With Gadsly SPM, you can see each team member's responses and messages.

Create a Content Pipeline

Whether your content people are in-house or you're working with a firm, Gadsly SPM lets you queue up content for review. Once reviewed and approved, it can then be scheduled for posting, creating a content quality assurance pipeline.

Get the Full View of the Team’s Efforts

With shared inboxes, a content calendar, performance analytics, and more, Gadsly SPM will be your new social media command central.

Schedule 500 Posts In a Few Minutes

Schedule a month's worth of postings in bulk (up to 500). Flexible publication options allow you to share time-sensitive content immediately or schedule them by manually entering a date and time.

Comprehensive Analytics Reports

Determine the optimal time to post, monitor audience growth trends, see which posts generated the most interaction, find relevant influencers, and more. Share the reports with your bosses or download them to show in a meeting.

Real-time Shared Access to Inboxes

Your team members can respond in real time to messages, posts, and comments on various Facebook Pages. This implies that your staff may reach higher response rates without being overburdened.




1 User, 6 Social Accounts



5 Users, 25 Social Accounts


Custom Pricing

6+ Users, 51+ Social Accounts

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